5 tricks to replace the preparations in the garden


The season has come that inspires most of us for repairs, projects and improvements. This time of the year is especially important for all those who have spent their free time in their garden. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you five interesting tricks to replace the preparations that help your plants grow.

Asht from the stove

Image of ash


You must have heard that ash from the wood stove can help you in the winter months when serious snow falls. Do you know, however, that it is also useful for your soil? Ash contains potassium, phosphorus and minerals that will be very useful for your garden. So next time, while cleaning your stove, do not forget to store some Continue reading >>>


Reduce the anxiety right now and live calmly and happily ever after

It is the lifestyles we have these days – challenging and busy, with schedules always full, with free time absolutely insufficient and to-do lists with never ending tasks, those lifestyles keep our minds busy and us nervous and stressed.Reduce-the-anxiety-right-now.jpg But as we learn to live with it with the time, as we experience the stress in the high-school because of the bullying and the searching of balance between the conformism and the desire to outstand, as we get more stressed when we are forced to think about our future and even to make decisions – of great importance and pretty final, we consider it as absolutely normal.

The things you learn living in a small flat

Your whole life you were dreaming to live in one of those big houses with three bedrooms and bathrooms with a kitchen, two offices and a lovely living room, and, oh yeah, a garden as well. You imagined arranging everything in this lovely home and you were planning the whole interior design. But not everything in life happens just like we want it and after graduation you found that dream job and you had to compromise with the dream house for some time. You moved in a small flat on the 3th floor, which had one bedroom, one bathroom, a small kitchen and living room and a tiny little hallway, and yes, you were not impressed, you were a little disappointed. With the time you lived there, however, you learnt to like it and you got used to it so much, it was convenient……..